We’re live on Brown Paper Tickets! Tickets for the following went on sale as of about 6pm today:

Friday (May 18) Distiller’s Dinner (includes ticket to Saturday Seattle World Whiskey Day event: $250

Paired courses with 5 top shelf selections from Pacific Northwest distilleries.

Saturday (May 19) General Admission Tickets: $35

SWAG Bag with commemorative rocks glass, tokens and other surprises.

Saturday (May 19) Designated Driver Admission Tickets: $5

Complementary water and soda for the event.

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Swede Hill from Yakima is coming…

Heard from them yesterday and they’re thinking about coming. They make two (apple pie and cherry) moonshines that we’re looking forward to trying.

They both look fantastic and talk about using the local produce to the fullest effect!

Apples and Cherries are just so Yakima!

Fremont Mischief is bringing 7 Ryes to Seattle World Whiskey Day

Makers of John Jacob Rye, Fremont Mischief is bringing seven different varieties of Rye Whiskey (I see 5 on the website), so I think I’m going to be hanging out in their booth come May 19th.


  • Straight Rye Whiskey
  • Skagit Gold Straight Rye Whiskey
  • John Jacob Rye Whiskey
  • Storm Tossed Rye Whiskey Capt. Sig Hansen
  • Storm Tossed Rye Whiskey Capts. Josh & Casey