Let’s Hum a 2bars…

Had a great conversation with Maddie at 2bars and they’re going to be at Seattle World Whiskey Day in downtown Redmond! C’mon, hum a 2bars along with us…

Oh, and they have tickets for sale there!

Skip Rock will be there!

Had a great conversation with Ryan at Skip Rock in Snohomish and

they’re planning to come. The Raspberry liquor was superb and I’m looking forward to having the Skip Rock’s Rye again. It was really fine!


Who let the Bad Dog out?

Shelly from Bad Dog Distillery from Arlington, Washington emailed this

morning and it looks someone’s let the Bad Dogs out! They’ll be in Redmond for Seattle World Whiskey Day. They make a Bourbon, a Rye, a Wheat, their “Hot Shot” Cinnamon whiskey and a Malt Mash whiskey. That should be a fun booth!