2018 Distilleries


Whidbey Island Distillery
Whidbey Island, WA

Fremont Mischief Distillery
Seattle, Washington

Blackfish Spirits Distillery
Auburn, Washington

Swede Hill Distilling
Yakima, Washington

Wishkah River Distillery
Aberdeen, Washington

Skip Rock Distillers
Snohomish, Washington
Westland Distillery
Seattle, Washington
(product only)

2bar Spirits
Seattle, Washington

Evil Roy’s Elixirs
Sequim, Washington

Sound Spirits
Seattle, Washington

Seattle World Whiskey Day is about the whiskey, so we are encouraging distilleries to sample as many whiskies, ryes and bourbons as you care to. Many distilleries that make whiskies also make other expressions besides whiskies. Please limit non-whiskies to 2 per distillery. This can be a liqueur or something like a gin, vodka or moonshine.

Distillery staff

We request each participating distillery provide their own staff to pour their products. Please indicate the names of your staff on the registration form. Please note that all pouring staff must have a MAST permit to pour at this event. Permits will be checked at time of brewer check-in. Drinking while working is prohibited.

Additionally, we will have licensed floater pourers to help with bio-breaks and lunch/dinners. A phone number will be given to text/call to request a floater to spell you if you’re alone in the booth.