The first distillery to commit to Seattle World Whiskey Day 2021 is Pilot House Distilling from Astoria, OR

The home of the biggest bar I know is in Astoria, Oregon. No, not the kind of bar where you can get a pint or a double-Scotch on the rocks but the bar that’s been causing ships’ captains a hard time since cargo ships started visiting “Port Land”: The Columbia Bar.

Many a ship has run aground on this ever-changing underwater landscape and probably caused many a pilot of a ship to turn to the bottle for solace when it didn’t go well.

We heard from Lauren at Pilot House that they were excited about the news and want to be at SWWD ’21. We’re excited to have them for the first time (to be fair, they did accept in 2020 but we all know what happened there). We know they’ll bring their A-O Whisky which is a 2 year old Corn Whisky treated with Hungarian Oak. We’re looking forward to seeing what else they bring!