Crater Lake Distilling agrees to sponsor the sampling glass at SWWD ’21


We were thrilled to hear from Crater Lake Spirits that they will again sponsor glasses for Seattle World Whiskey Day 2021. They will share the sponsorship due to more glasses being needed for this year’s event. I know that my cupboard is not complete without a bottle of Crater Lake Rye in it.

Thanks to Crater Lake Spirits for their generous support of Seattle World Whiskey Day! #SWWD21

Perennial distillery attendee Swede Hill from Yakima accepts invitation to SWWD ’21

We were very excited to hear from Pam & Kevin at Swede Hill Distilling that they would love to be back for their 3rd time in as many events to Seattle World Whiskey Day ’21 and we’re thrilled to have them. They have three great products in their Single Barrel American Whiskey, and their Apple and Cherry Moonshines which take the best of the Yakima Valley and put it in a bottle for us to enjoy. 

If you’ve never tried the Cherry Moonshine, you’re missing something special.

The first distillery to commit to Seattle World Whiskey Day 2021 is Pilot House Distilling from Astoria, OR

The home of the biggest bar I know is in Astoria, Oregon. No, not the kind of bar where you can get a pint or a double-Scotch on the rocks but the bar that’s been causing ships’ captains a hard time since cargo ships started visiting “Port Land”: The Columbia Bar.

Many a ship has run aground on this ever-changing underwater landscape and probably caused many a pilot of a ship to turn to the bottle for solace when it didn’t go well.

We heard from Lauren at Pilot House that they were excited about the news and want to be at SWWD ’21. We’re excited to have them for the first time (to be fair, they did accept in 2020 but we all know what happened there). We know they’ll bring their A-O Whisky which is a 2 year old Corn Whisky treated with Hungarian Oak. We’re looking forward to seeing what else they bring!

Seattle World Whiskey Day 2021 is ON!

We’ve been able to procure July 24th, 2021 for the 3rd Annual Seattle World Whiskey Day event in the Redmond Downtown Park. This was postponed from May and September of 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

All tickets purchased for the previous two dates will be accepted at this event. We’re so very excited to be able to put on SWWD 2021 and we hope you will all be there!

Get your Eventbrite tickets here:

We’ve had to postpone SWWD until May of 2021…

Due to state restrictions, Seattle World Whiskey Day will not be able to happen on September 12th as we had hoped. The ban of gatherings of 10 people or more would need to be lifted and unfortunately that does not seem likely.

All tickets for the 2020 event will be valid at the May 15th, 2021 event. We very much regret that this is the case that we have been unable to hold the event and we very much beg your indulgence as this is obviously beyond our ability to control.

Thanks and Cheers!

Seattle World Whiskey Day Organizing Committee